Local Rank Tracking

The platform uses a sophisticated rank checker built specifically for local pack results. See how clients rank at different points on the map, and how their rankings are trending over time.

Email reports make it easy to see how important keywords are performing. Our before and after ranking snapshots show the progress that your efforts are making over time.

GMB Spam Scanning

Fighting spam is a key tactic for many GMB categories. Use our Google Chrome extension to build the evidence that Google wants when submitting spam reports.

The GMB Spam Scanner flags businesses that are violating the Google Terms of Service by using virtual offices, as well as residential or vacant addresses. These kinds of listings pop up all the time and reduce the visibility of legitimate businesses.



per scan point
With usage based billing you pay only for what you use. New users start with a trial credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the local rank checker work?

    • You define a search phrase, and then set your desired number of scan points and grid size. An example might be "dentist near me", using an 8x8 grid, with each point set to 1000 meters apart. If your client is in a busy market like New York City, you might opt for a tighter scan radius.

  • How does the GMB Spam Scanner work?

    • The Spam Scanner integrates directly into Google Maps as a Chrome extension. Each listing address is compared against our database of virtual offices and flagged with a warning when a match is found. The scanner also uses third party data to flag non-commercial or vacant addresses.

      The free version of the scanner only flags virtual offices. The pay as you go version performs extra checks for $0.01 per listing. A key for the Pro version is available from the Account page.